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AFA Basic Photography Course

AFA English, photography courses Warsaw, testimonials, endorsements, opinions, recommendations feedback „Before the course I had little interest in photography, I would simply 'point and shoot’ with my trusted Casio pocket camera. Since the basic course I have learnt how important the background and composition are to great photography. Tomasz recommended to the group buying a 50 mm lens, which was excellent advice as it has made  a world of difference to the type of photography I wanted to explore. We covered all aspects of the settings on the camera each week, and he sent a pdf of each lesson by email at the end of each session so we were not distracted writing notes in class.

Homework is important so that you can consolidate the learning, so please make the time to complete it as you will learn more about exposure, and shutter speed.I am now obsessed with my new DSLR camera, and practice all the time.Ignorance is bliss, but after the basic course, you will understand that your photos could drastically improve turning off the automatic mode and onto 'Manual’, it’s not as scary as you might think!”, Kay (AFA Basic Photography Course, Spring 2012)

AFA English, photography courses Warsaw, testimonials, endorsements, opinions, recommendations feedback

„Taking the AFA Photography classes was a bit challenge for me. I considered myself as a „good photographer” before joining, so I was afraid to not be able to learn anything… but… surprise ! I actually DID learn, and  a lot ! Don’t be surprised, I was taking all my pictures with the „P” mode or as dear Tomasz loves to say, the ” blind mode”.

So when I learned all the technicals details behind all these fancy buttons, taking pictures was getting far, far interesting.  Besides this, I met wonderful people from different countries and different cultures, so the learning experience was even more interesting. And oh… before I forget… Meeting Tomasz and getting to know him was also something special to me. He just knows how to connect with people and make jokes all the time. I just love it! Thank you Tomasz, thank you my MAN!”, Kamal (AFA Basic Photography Course, Spring 2012)

AFA Basic Photography Course, endorsement, opinion, review, feedback

„I’m not a „P”– programme photographer anymore! I began with my compact camera and now I’m proud owner of my first DSLR. Aperture, shutter speed, ISO, Mr. Light-meter ;), composition, DoF is not a mystery anymore.

There is no reason to be afraid of all these buttons at the camera, which are not just for decoration! I had a lot of fun during the course, thanks to Tomasz, with all his knowledge he paved the way from snapshots to good and creative photos.”, Corinna Obst (AFA Basic Photography Course, Winter Edition 2011)

„At the beginning, I thought AFA basic course would be much easy for me as I know a lot of things about basic photography. But what I realized in this course, I didn’t know to use all features on my camera. Some facts about light, exposure, shutter speed, DoF, composition etc. what I know, I have good image memory, composition and eye but lack of technical knowledge.

AFA helped me to increase my self confidence and knowledge at photography. I am very satisfied to having AFA basic photography course. Now, I think I am ready to go further. Thanks AFA … Nuray Ganioglu (AFA Basic Photography Course, Spring Edition 2011)

„AFA Basic Photography Course, was the one I was waiting for a few years in Warsaw, but after finishing it, I am familiar now with all buttons of my camera and learned all important steps and information, how to create, compose and receive good quality pictures.

Thank you for this course with lots of practice and the best customer service I´ve experienced since I am in Warsaw.” Sissi Krenn (AFA Basic Photography Course, Winter Edition 2011)

AFA workshop „Warsaw by night”

AFA Warsaw by night photographic workshop feedback, recommendation, opinion, endorsement„I looked at Tomasz’s photos from previous night photo walk sessions and I was green with envy.I had to sign up! I encouraged a few friends to join me,and honestly it was 'one of the best nights I have had in Warsaw’. I felt I was on my holidays and was transported into another world. Starting at dusk on a beach over looking the Old town and finishing opposite the national stadium ,you will learn several techniques such as using white balance to create different atmosphere,long exposure settings to creative effects.

My friends have all noticed a difference to my photos on Facebook, especially the one where I was outlined in neon as an Angel! Tomasz is such a wonderful relaxed, engaging teacher, he makes it all so simple and easy to understand as his English is excellent. I have now joined his intermediate class and will be doing a Dawn walk at some point. Photography is my new love, all credit to Tomasz.”

„I specially enjoyed the AFA Warsaw by night tour, a great possibility to get to know Warsaw from its most beautiful side and to take amazing pictures. Particularly I was fascinated by mastering light and colors.

A fantastic evening to exchange views with other photo-maniacs ;)!”,Corinna Obst (AFA „Warsaw by night” workshop, May 2011)

„I really enjoyed ”Warsaw by night” work shop.

AFA workshop "Warsaw by night", Ewa RykowskaSeeing the city  in another way and knowing how to use my DSLR camera in a proper way was Worthwhile ! And we had really fun as a group. I also learnt some places where I never been. In a word, I had wonderful experience and fun participating in this activity.

Thanks to AFA and Tomasz,organizing such fantastic work shop. I am looking forward to being part of next workshops!” Nuray Ganioglu (AFA „Warsaw by night” workshop, May 2011)

Warsaw by night photographic workshop, Anna J. Kutor, AFA English „It was a real pleasure to attend AFA’s night-photography course and discover different locations in Warsaw (the 'beach’ near La Playa, St. Anna’s church tower and the developing Vistula riverside after dark) that made the city come alive in a whole new way.

Tomasz and his crew really know how to fuel creativity in budding photographers, showing ways to use and experiment with settings and pushing participants to try out new angles and techniques.

This, and other AFA courses, is a great way to get hands-on experience in a relaxed and fun environment and interact with fellow photo-geeks.””, Anna J. Kutor (AFA „Warsaw by night” workshop, May 2011)

AFA Strobing workshop

Strobing workshop, AFA English, photographic workshop WarsawI didn’t realize what a single flash could do to make professional looking photos until i attended the strobing class. it was really interesting and amazing to learn different techniques of strobing to produce fantastic effects on my photos. before the workshop, i didn’t see the need for an external flash but after learning what a big difference it can make, im definitelly getting one.

Enjoyed the class so much. good job and thanks AFA, tomasz… and thanks too to our model AGATA!!!!”, Nestor (Strobing workshop, November 2011)

„Thought strobing workshop is just the same as my previous workshop from other schools. But it’s not, it’s more than what I expected. I really enjoyed and learned a lot from this workshop, really worth the money.

Highly recommend A.F.A English to all Photo enthusiast, you will never regret.”, Lo Rodriguez (Strobing workshop, November 2011)

AFA Basic Photography Weekend Course

„I was a little nervous about taking a photography course since I’m not too technically inclined, but the practical exercises and Tomasz’s reminders of the technical aspects as they applied in practice made things come together for me.

Great course to help us find our hidden talents and enhance them even more! „, Jennifer (Weekend Course, November 2011)

„Last weekend, I attended the AFA English weekend course and I can definitely say that I am now more enlightened in the art of photography. The very helpful teacher guided the very small group of people through much theory and general knowledge before taking us out into the field so we could use all our newly acquired skills.

Although we had learned many functions and styles, our teacher, who spoke excellent English, took us through the process of taking a good picture, helping even those who took longer to understand. I would strongly recommend this course to anyone looking to get started in photography or simply wants to learn a valuable skill.”, Ben (Weekend Course, November 2011)

„I attended the weekend course with my mother. my brother and a couple others. I didn’t think that the art of photography would interest me so much but i must say after this course, with learning the basics of the camera and photo taking, I truely enjoy it very much.

It was great, iv’e already recommended it to friends.”, Brea (Weekend Course, November 2011)