AFA English, Welcome!

www-tomaszpuchalski-pl_afa_english_outdoor_may2012_017Akademia Fotografii Amatorskiej (AFA) is offering a plethora of Courses and Workshops created and organized for the Amateur Photographer on all levels – beginners, intermediate and advanced.

AFA was created in 2007 and have been growing ever since. Today you can find AFA in Warsaw, located in venue very easy accesible by car from Konstancin or Sadyba.

Tomasz Puchalski AFA English Basic Photography Courses Warsaw PolandAFA was founded by Tomasz Puchalski with the aim to provide a forum where Amateur Photographers could  gain knowledge and support in venturing into Photography and a place where they could develop their skills in a fun and inspirational environment.

The idea became very popular and today the AFA crew is made up of a lot of talented and skilled Professional and Amateur Photographers who create diversified Courses and Workshops based upon wishes and feedback from you.

And we are proud to say that we now can present an English version of the following Courses and Workshops.

Beginner level – Fundamentals

AFA Basic Photography Course

In short, this is a practical, user-oriented Course that will make you more confident in using your camera whether it is a DSLR or a Compact Camera.

You will venture out of the comfort zone in Auto mode and start experimenting with the potential that is available in your camera and develop your photographic eye with regards to composition and creative photography.

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AFA Basic Photography Weekend Course

For anyone who by virtue of their duties cannot participate in the weekly classes in the AFA Basic Photography Course we offer our Weekend Basic Photography Course instead.

This Course is an intensive, compressed version largely based upon our AFA Basic Photography Course. In the effort to maximize the available two days we have a series of lectures, an outdoor session and a concluding discussion of the pictures shot during the outdoor session.

Yes, it is hard work for a couple of days, but the feedback we get is that it is definitely worth it. The topics covered on the Course challenges you to reflect on what you are doing every time you look into the viewfinder and press the release button. And the result….. well put simply – it should speak for itself  :)

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Intermediate level – Fundamentals

AFA Intermediate Photography Course

Want to learn how to retrieve the full potential in your pictures? Know basics of post-processing in Picasa or Photoshop elements? Or „how to” develop your RAW pictures in Adobe Lightroom? Set up your home studio? Engage in a model shoot? How to shoot architecture and get interesting, not boring pictures?

The Intermediate Course is relevant for anyone wanting to explore studio photography, model photography and post-processing in the digital darkroom. You can join these classes for the preparation and entry to other AFA courses and workshops on the beginner and advanced level.

It is also a natural next step after the AFA Basic Photography Course as  we in this program have time to go more in depth with subjects that we did not have time to cover in the Basic Photography Course.

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Warsaw by night – outdoor workshop

Want to paint with light? And do so when usually your camera is already hidden into your photographic bag? What to spend 3-4 hours together with other photo-freaks and discover beauty of Warsaw by night?

If so, there is the only opportunity – „Warsaw by night” photography workshop.

We are sure you will have a lot of fun and do have a lot of amazing pictures! Join us and check it out by yourself!

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Strobe Workshop

This is a Workshop where you learn how to use the versatile external flashes to achieve stunning and creative shots through the use of different light modifications, a grid, a snoot, umbrellas, color gels and more.

A great way to practice basic and advanced studio & outdoor lighting techniques!

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